Data reveals that children who are treated in an ER with a HIGH PEDIATRIC READINESS score have improved survival rates and outcomes.

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A 2022 study found that children have a 30 percent lower mortality risk out to one year after receiving initial care at ERs with a high pediatric readiness score.

The data from this study provides tangible proof that the programs R Baby fund’s for life-saving pediatric emergency education, rapid viral testing, communication programs between doctors and patients, cutting edge research grants, and infant mannequin simulation training programs, are saving lives.

R Baby’s interventions improve pediatric readiness in participating ERs in multiple studies— with these data we can now more confidently state linkages of those interventions to SURVIVAL.

For more information on pediatric readiness, visit The National Pediatric Readiness Project.

“The National Pediatric Readiness Project is a multi-phase quality improvement initiative to ensure that all U.S. emergency departments have the essential guidelines and resources in place to provide effective emergency care to children.

The NPRP assessment helps ED personnel to be better prepared to provide quality care for all patients of all ages by evaluating the QI process of EDs over time.

Hospitals with high ED readiness scores demonstrate a 4-fold lower rate of mortality for children with critical illness than those with lower readiness scores; thus, improving pediatric readiness improves outcomes for children and their families.”

What parents can do to improve pediatric readiness in their local community:

  • They can reach out to state EMSC and ask about getting involved as family liaison and help to improve care
  • They can ask their local ERs if they have a pediatric emergency care coordinator/pediatric champion and, if not,  encourage them to get one/get involved
  • They can ask their local ER to share their pediatric readiness score- if not they can ask about the elements on there- specifically regarding Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator
  • They can ask their pediatrician about local EDs pediatric readiness

View pediatric readiness scores by state here.

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