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Congratulations to R Baby’s 2014 TCS NYC Marathon Team!

Thank you to Stacy Bernstein, Joshua Fiske, Meg Ray, Ashley Blanchard, Passa Chattra, Lori and John Conforti and Helene Korn who completed the TCS NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 2, 2014.  Together, these amazing runners raised almost $30,000 to help save babies’ lives!  We are so grateful for the time, passion and energy they devoted over many months to make this our largest and most successful team yet!

We are already building our 2015 team and spaces fill quickly.  If you are
interested in being part of the 2015 team, please contact
KATIE@RBABYFOUNDATION.ORG for more information.




Why They Ran…

“I’m a pediatric resident in my second year of training, and have committed my life to the health and well being of children. R Baby’s mission so beautifully aligns with my own feelings about caring for kids, and I’m so excited to represent the foundation in the NYC marathon.”

— Meg Ray

“R Baby is a wonderful foundation raising money to make important and necessary changes in emergency pediatric care. We couldn’t be more proud to run in the NYC Marathon for R Baby and help spread the word about this charity. When we cross that finish line, we will be thinking about the countless families that will benefit from R Baby!”

— Lori and John Conforti

“I am honored to run for R Baby at this years NYC marathon. Running the NYC marathon has always been something that I want to do, and running to raise money and awareness for R Baby has made the experience all the better. R Baby is doing an amazing job making sure our ERs are prepared for our children when they need care. Children are not just “little adults” and they need care delivered by ERs docs and nurses that are trained in taking care of kids. I am so glad to support this charity.”

— Josh Fiske

“My business is saving children’s lives. As a pediatrician, there is nothing more important than improving the quality of care of our children in the emergency room through education, training, and state of the art equipment. It is my honor and my pleasure to run the marathon on behalf of R Baby Foundation.”

—Stacy Berstein

“I am running for R Baby Foundation because I never want another parent to feel helpless in an emergency room with their baby.”

— Passa Chattra