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1 million children benefited annually…and counting.

Funding and empowering innovative research and programs is at the center of R Baby’s mission and successful results. We support and partner with the leading pediatric specialists, hospitals and emergency departments. From training and physician resources to education and research, our grants are saving lives.

R Baby Foundation was born in 2006 to fill a unique need—helping save babies’ lives by organizing and funding efforts to improve the outcomes of emergency medical care. From our initial focus on helping newborn babies with often misdiagnosed viral infections and other infectious diseases, we have expanded our mission to help raise the standards of emergency pediatric care for all infants and children, supporting education, research, treatment, training and life-saving equipment. Our grants impact hospitals throughout the United States and beyond its borders and improve the care of over 1 million babies and children each year.

As R Baby keeps growing and expanding, we continue to fund successful, proven programs that can be disseminated widely, as well as supporting research that advances pediatric emergency care.

Grants are reviewed on a rolling basis by invitation. To learn more email us at info@rbabyfoundation.org


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Granting Goals

  • Expand the network of children’s hospitals that collaborate with community hospitals in order to assess, train and improve quality and safety.
  • Support the expansion of tele-medicine to provide open lines of communication between children’s hospitals, pediatric specialists and other ERs.
  • Make sure every ER and hospital is prepared to stabilize and transport or diagnose and treat a child in an emergency.
  • Facilitate dissemination of the latest pediatric infectious disease knowledge to any medical professional that cares for children.
  • Provide parents with additional education and tools to advocate for their child in an emergency situation.

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