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Emergency Departments Approved for Pediatrics

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical

This grant aims to ensure that any infant or child requiring emergency care in the Hudson Valley has access to pediatricians and emergency departments that are specifically equipped and trained in recognition, initial stabilization, and transfer or referral for pediatric emergencies. The hospital is sharing its pediatric expertise through education and by developing guidelines for optimal emergency care. An Emergency Department (ED) Certification Program will educate the community about the preferred locations at which to seek urgent medical care for babies. An ED will only gain the certification after the equipment and training requirements are met.

During the past year, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center, a facility that serves over one million children in its region, continued to enhance its Hudson Valley Emergency Departments Appropriate for Pediatrics (EDAP) program by augmenting the offering with simulation training for infant care, developing a toolkit and guide for how hospitals can meet EDAP certification requirements, and creating guides to help parents and pediatricians discuss the choice of appropriate emergency departments. The project team, led by David Markensen, MD, has continued to recruit hospitals within the Hudson Valley (including southern Connecticut) to participate in the EDAP program and training, with plans for scaling its offering to a national level.

The Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical (MFCH) grant instituted a model of Emergency Departments Appropriate for Pediatrics (EDAP), which included compliance with evidence based guidelines and certification, education programs and ongoing telephone support at MFCH for community emergency departments within the Hudson Valley region including 5 hospitals, impacting thousands of babies’ healthcare each year with the goal to expand to more hospitals annually.

The five hospitals who have participated in the Pediatric ER training and certification guidelines are:
• Norwalk Hospital
• Putnam Hospital
• Phelps Memorial Hospital
• Hudson Valley Hospital
• Danbury Hospital

The 40 hospitals in the region for which Westchester Medical now provides pediatric telephone support through their transfer center are the following:
• Albany Medical Center • Benedictine • Bon Secours
• Catskill Regional — Calicoon • Catskill Regional — Harris
• Columbia Presbyterian • Danbury (Conn.) • Dobbs Ferry
• Ellenville • Flushing Hospital • Glens Falls
• Good Samaritin — Suffern • Greenwich (Conn.) • Hudson Valley
• Jacobi Medical Center • Keller Army • Kingston Hospital
• Lawrence Hospital • Margaretville • Montefiore — Moses Division
• Mount Vernon • Northern Dutchess • Northern Westchester
• Nyack Hospital • Our Lady of Mercy • Orange Regional — Arden Hill
• Orange Regional — Horton • Phelps Memorial • Putnam
• Sharon (Conn.) • Sound Shore • St. Anthony's • St. Francis
• St. John's Riverside • St. Joseph's Yonkers • St. Luke's Cornwall
• St. Luke's Newburgh • Stamford (Conn.) • Vassar Brothers
• White Plains

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Guidelines for Emergency Departments Appropriate for Pediatrics
[0k/] posted: December 31, 2009


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