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Surgical Team Receives Grant for Nursing Care

Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago

In 2007, R Baby Foundation gave a grant to the Department of Transplantation Surgery at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital to aid in the addition of an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) with a background in clinical research to the department’s surgical team. A full-time APN will develop educational and advocacy programs at the community level on the symptoms of liver disorders acquired during infancy and childhood, establish programs and resources for their network of families with children affected by liver disorders, facilitate education with their network of 1,100 community pediatric specialists to enhance the knowledge of diagnosing viral infections in infants, and assist with promising clinical research and patient care initiatives.

Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, which enjoys a network of 1,100 community pediatric specialists, has continued to advance its Transplant Surgery Program by hiring of a Registered Nurse to seek effective treatments for extrahepatic portal vein thrombosis (EHPVT) and other complex liver disorders through innovative research. For more than 90% of children afflicted with EHPVT, the Rex Shunt procedure has proven successful in restoring blood flow to an otherwise normal liver thus relieving the devastating consequences of portal hypertension and restoring the liver's ability to synthesize proteins and eliminate toxins in the blood. Program director, Riccardo Superina, MD, has positioned Children’s Memorial as a leading resource for this innovative surgery, performing over 100 procedures to date. The program has formed productive collaborative relationships with researchers at top institutions worldwide in hopes of uncovering new treatments and, eventually, cures. These studies have resulted in numerous publications in professional journals and presentations at both national and international conferences. We continue to strive to educate both referring doctors as well as the families of afflicted patients through a number of modalities including web-based CME credits and on-line educational resources for families.

In concert with The Halpern Family, R Baby Foundation funded a program at Childrens Memorial Hospital in Chicago, helping to advance the work of the Division of Transplantation Surgery and Ricardo Superina, MD, seeking to improve treatments and outcomes for children suffering from serious liver disorders. Their study looked at mechanisms contributing to improved nutritional status, reversal of encephalopathy and liver regeneration. Findings were published in Journal of Pediatric Surgery and presented at the American College of Surgeons, as well as a web-based education and advocacy supporting early recognition and treatment of liver disorders in infancy and childhood.

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