R Baby Heroes

Sydney Rosenbaum

Volunteer, Fundraiser & Activist

At only 16 years old, Sydney Rosenbaum makes helping children a cornerstone of her life.

This is our first time giving our Hero Award to a teenager! Without a doubt, Sydney Rosenbaum has been an unbelievable supporter and volunteer — for years — with R Baby Foundation.

Starting in 2010 she attended our first Run/Walk in Central Park, NY and has felt a deep connection ever since.

Soon after she helped her mother Lori (and a few other volunteers) initiate our first FlyWheel event in 2012, raising both significant funds and awareness.

In January 2014, Sydney felt inspired to then create her own event at Soul Cycle in honor of her Bat Mitzvah. She promoted the event herself through email blasts, posters and social media selling out all of the spots quickly. She made the event special for all those involved by working with local stores and businesses to donate all of the raffle items.

Next up in 2016, Sydney not only inspired her sister Harley to support R Baby for her mitzvah project, but she also spent countless hours helping Harley record and edit a promo video for the rollerblading event and then even volunteered to help at the event.

Later that year, Sydney joined twelve other teenagers to volunteer at R Baby’s 10-year gala at The Plaza in New York. Sydney specifically promoted R Baby’s newly funded app findERnow to as many of the 1,000 guests that she could.

Sydney didn’t stop there! This year she created our first ever R Baby POE yoga event. With the help of some of her friends, she further spread R Baby’s message and raised even more funds.

Most recently, Sydney represented R Baby at the FARE food allergy event in the fall of 2017, volunteering and speaking to walkers about the findERnow app. My favorite thing I heard someone say there to Sydney was ‘so this is your charity?’ She represents R Baby consistently and passionately.

Sydney volunteers wherever and whenever she can as a true ambassador of R Baby. Additionally, this tireless volunteer creates innovative events and does them with such grace and passion that her energy is infectious and the experience for all is outstanding. She has already learned at a young age that an individual can truly impact their community. Sydney is an absolute inspiration to everyone who comes into contact with her and we are so grateful and proud of all of her hard work.