R Baby Heroes

Alexis Pomierski Marano & Justin Marano

Each year, R Baby honors a hero that is committed to our mission to measurably improve pediatric emergency care. We are pleased to share R Baby’s 2022 heroes, Alexis Pomierski Marano and Justin Marano.

When the Maranos were pregnant with their first child, Jaxson, they decided to sponsor their local ER, Boca Regional Hospital, through R Baby’s Sponsor Your ER Program, with a goal of helping improve pediatric care for their community.

Jaxson was thankfully healthy with no issues, so their motivation is purely proactive to ensure Jaxson and other children in their south Florida neighborhood get the best emergency healthcare possible.

We are so thankful for their support and hope others are motivated to get involved in their local ER’s preparedness for children.

— Phyllis Rabinowitz