R Baby Heroes

Carlos Camargo

Professor of Emergency Medicine, Medicine, and Epidemiology, Harvard University, and Conn Chair in Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital 

Each year, R Baby honors a medical hero that is committed to our mission to measurably improve pediatric emergency care and help provide parents with tools to help them be informed advocates for their child’s healthcare. We are pleased to announce R Baby’s 2017 Medical hero, Dr. Carlos Camargo of Massachusetts General Hospital, Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet), and Harvard (Boston, MA).

One of the most frequent questions we get from parents is where should I take my child in an emergency? So when Dr. Marc Auerbach told us about the findERnow app that quickly displays the closest ER, we knew we had to talk to the founder about adding a pediatric version. A quick Google search by parents looking to find out about local ERs may not have the latest information on the closest hospital or preparedness for children. Google may help with directions, but this new app surveys the 5,000+ ERs in the country with updated, real-time data.

From the very first of many phone conversations, Dr. Camargo was directly aligned with R Baby’s vision of sponsoring the app to direct parents to the closest ER prepared for their child. His dedicated team was able to add pediatric questions to their survey that goes to every one of the 5,000+ ERs in the country. This first pediatric version adds a baby icon to any ER that meets their criteria so it’s easy for parents to quickly see the closest ER more prepared for their child. We share a vision to reinvest every $.99 download back into the app to provide even more pediatric information about each ER.

— Phyllis and Andrew Rabinowitz

“When going up to Boston to meet Dr. Camargo and his team, I was blown away about their knowledge of the ER national landscape, their efficient infrastructure for managing the app, and their voluntary dedication to providing healthcare knowledge to the public. Most importantly, Dr. Camargo’s integrity, genuineness and intelligence gave me the utmost confidence in his leadership of this important initiative for R Baby and for every caregiver in America. We are extremely honored to be partnering with such a selfless, extraordinary person.”

— Phyllis Rabinowitz