R Baby Heroes

Dr. Audrey Paul

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Director, Community Outreach Assistant Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

One of the most important missions we have at R Baby is to help educate parents on preparing for pediatric emergencies and how to successfully advocate for your child. This year’s medical hero, Dr. Audrey Paul of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, has been a passionate advocate and leader of these efforts. Dr. Paul helped create the work-shop “How to Navigate an Emergency Room Visit with your Child” presented in partnership with R Baby and Jessica Seinfeld’s Baby Buggy Foundation. Dr. Paul, along with residents from Mt. Sinai, have presented clinical scenarios throughout New York in underserved communities to teach parents how to be effective health advocates for their children. In addition, Dr. Paul and her residents filmed a series of parent-doctor interactions to help guide parents through advocating for their child.

We met Dr. Paul several years ago when R Baby first started working with Mt. Sinai. From the moment we met her, we could literally feel her genuine passion to make sure as many parents as possible knew the most important information about pediatric emergencies. She took a grassroots approach by going school to school to make sure all NYC parents would get the most pertinent information to ensure their children stayed healthy and they were prepared for emergencies. Dr. Paul was instrumental in spearheading our latest parent education workshop and we are honored to have her on our team.

— Phyllis & Andrew Rabinowitz