R Baby Heroes

Lisa Asher

Maryland Tennis Event Chairwoman

This year’s R Baby’s Hero Award is well deserved and also very close to the heart. I met Lisa Asher at the age of 4 at our brothers’ little league game. We instantly became best friends and the sister we each never had. Lisa and I
 grew up playing the same high school sports, studying the same college major and even dating a few of the same guys. During our younger years we had shared one dream we spoke of often which was to walk our babies together everyday. But as my career and family life started in NYC, our dreamt daily walks became weekend family visits.

When Lisa became pregnant with 
her third child, I was pregnant with my second so you can imagine how excited we were to know we would have daughters two weeks apart. When Rebecca passed away, Lisa was still pregnant and I think it hit her extra hard. When Isabelle Asher was born, Lisa graciously named her Hebrew name after Rebecca (Ilana Rivka) and we always knew that Rebecca was still with us when Izzy was around.

Lisa was always by my side with
 R Baby coming to NYC for events and supporting any way she could from afar, so when she asked me if she could hold an R Baby event in Baltimore, my hometown, I was honored and thrilled.

Lisa has been chairing the MD tennis event for the past 3 years, not only raising over $150,000 but also creating an event donors and tennis pros look forward to. Each year, the event has grown to include more sponsors, players and spectators.

Lisa could have skipped this year doing the tennis event since she was busy with her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, but she chose not skip it, further showcasing her passion, commitment and hard work for the cause. Lisa’s dedication to R Baby is incredibly inspiring to those around her and we are honored to have her as this year’s R Baby Hero.

Thanks for all that you do Lisa!

— Phyllis & Andrew Rabinowitz