R Baby Stories


On Thanksgiving Weekend 2009 my 7 week old daughter Liv started to show signs of a cold. She had some nasal congestion and the beginnings of a cough. By the 2nd day of her symptoms, I noticed she was wheezing at the end of her exhalations. I took Liv to the on-call pediatrician. He evaluated her and determined she had a cold and that she was fine. I voiced to him my concern that a 7 week old had a cold and that she was wheezing. He again said, she’s fine and to go home. The next day, I noticed Liv showing signs of difficulty breathing and she was also not nursing well. I called the pediatrician and again he said she’s just congested and has a cold. He recommended taking her into a hot shower to steam her and if she was not better tomorrow to bring her in.


Liv in the ICU

I told the doctor that I disagreed with him and that I was bringing her to the emergency room. He felt that was unnecessary but that he’d call and let the ER know I was coming. Liv was seen in the ER, diagnosed with RSV, given oxygen, was suctioned for excess mucous production, given IV hydration and admitted that late night into the hospital. Roughly 12 hours after Liv was admitted into the hospital she stopped breathing. Even with the interventions that they were doing, she still couldn’t breathe on her own. Liv stopped breathing a total of 6 times. She was successfully rescusitated each time and stabilized. Liv spent 9 days in the hospital. Today she is a beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl. But, the terrifying thought remains with me, of what might have happened had I listened to the pediatrician and put Liv down to sleep that night instead of taking her to the hospital. I honestly do not believe she’d be alive today.