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“Better than Google! This app is extremely useful.  I love that it shows all types of emergency facilities that ae nearby, even those not attached to a hospital.  It made me feel a lot safer traveling in areas of the US I have never been to before.  This app shows the closest ED by driving time, which is sometimes a better gauge than distance.” ~User cccccz23, 8/27/21

“Your app may have saved my daughter’s life this evening.  We were traveling out of town and needed immediate medical attention due to anaphylaxis.  Not much more I can say, except thank you.  Your app blows away google or any search app.” ~User Email, 5/4/13

“I used findER a few weeks ago in an emergency situation, and it was incredibly helpful. I’ve shared it with all my family and friends.” ~User Email, 5/31/14

I downloaded this app before taking my kids on vacation. My baby’s temp spiked to 105 at 3 AM while we were at a hotel and I was able to quickly look up the closest ER. I’m so glad I had this on my phone already. This is a valuable resource for any parent. It’s also simple to use.”~ Kaysteeze, Apple Review

I used my findERnow app yesterday. My son had a 105 degree temp and I was able to quickly look up the closest ER, since we are on vacation in FL. The fever quickly dropped down but I had great peace of mind knowing where the ER was located in the event it didn’t come down. Thanks a million!”  ~User Email, 5/6/17

“Such an important discussion…I have a granddaughter with nut allergies and we all have the findERnow app. It could mean life or death!” ~lorettelavine, Apple Review

“Love the new features! As a mom of two toddlers with food allergies, the addition of pediatric information gives me that extra peace of mind, especially when we travel. Thank you!”  ~Apple Store Review, 4/4/17

“Thank you so much for providing this service.  My daughter has a nut allergy and it is helpful to know how medically desolate an area is before we travel.” ~User Email, 11/13/12

“Have a son with Food Allergies and am always wondering where the nearest hospital is, just in case. It is amazing and has all the hospitals where we live. Traveled to Florida on vacation and actually needed to go to ER because he fell. Used the App and I told the cab right where to take us. Excellent job!”  ~Apple Store Review, 5/19/11

“I love this app and find it very useful.” ~User Email, 1/22/13

What a great idea for an app!  Nice to find the hospital while traveling, especially with kids in the event of an emergency and have the directions to get there.  All parents and grandparents should have this !!”~ Sandblaster9, Apple Review

“First I want to thank you for this service! It’s been very helpful in the field. I work in LA/Orange County and this app has been useful numerous times.” ~User Email 9/29/15

“This past weekend we were out of town, in unfamiliar surroundings, with plans to engage in some rugged athletic activities. As a precaution prior to recreation, we used the FindER app to locate the closest Emergency Departments, and instantly got a list of all the applicable hospitals/clinics around.  Such an awesome tool.  Did not end up needing and ER (big hooray!) but it’s fabulous to know a tool like this exists at your fingertips.”  ~Apple Store Review 8/28/

Very useful. The app has all of the hospitals by me. I would recommend it to everyone but especially to parents.” ~Cannislupi, Apple Review

“Thankfully we haven’t had to use the findERnow app, but it’s a great concept.” ~User Email, 9/18/17

Thank you for taking care of that so fast. I really love this app, and I know it has saved lives by helping someone find a ER fast. Please keep up the excellent work, and thank you again.” ~User Email, 10/30/17

“This app is really an essential download, especially for travelers! No other app will provide as accurate hospital and emergency room info. Very useful in case of emergency. Highly recommend downloading it!” ~Apple Store Review, 8/22/11

“Tried it out, was able to find closest ER and sent me to map directions immediately! In an emergency this is by far a life saver I’ll be sure to spread the word!” ~Apple Store Review, 3/10/11

I like the new baby icon and info. I’m really glad these guys are working on this important issue. Well-spent 99 cents!”
~Gracieeeeee1992, Apple Review

“Used your app today. I am a Paramedic and we were returning from a long distance transport when a car pulled up next to us with a gunshot victim in the front seat. Your app gave me the name and ability to find the closest ER. We called them but ended up going to the trauma center back in the town we dropped off at. Your app really helped me out! Thanks!” ~User Email, 11/11/10

“As an EMT with a 911 ambulance service, I’ve found your app incredibly useful to finding pretty much every local ER in my vicinity, no matter which area I serve in. I was actually amazed to see that your app includes almost every hospital my company transports to. Many of my colleagues have recommended this app to me, and I am most definitely continuing to spread the word myself.” ~User Email, 8/28/15

“I love your app and as an EMT it has come in very handy.” ~User Email, 11/15/14

“I think this is a great app, it is probably the most useful one I have.” ~An EMT User Email, 8/2/14

“I just started working as an EMT in an area of AZ that I am almost totally unfamiliar with. This app has helped me hit the ground running and helped me have confidence that despite my current lack of knowledge of the area (though I am learning fast), transport times to the hospital will NOT be delayed! Thank you so much!” ~Apple Store Review, 8/24/11

“This is a great app. First of all thank you for making it. As an EMT for my local 911 ambulance service this app is a huge help.” ~User Email, 4/24/11

I am new to the iPhone and this app was recommended by a friend who knew I was an EMT. I downloaded it and all my local hospitals came up right away, driving directions and all. Very practical and cool app!”  ~Apple Store Review, 2/10/11