Simulation Education Expanded at Goryeb Children’s Hospital at  Morristown Medical Center

Collaborating with our current simulation programs Goryeb Children’s Hospital at  Morristown Medical Center, led by Dr. Walter Rosenfeld, is expanding its simulation education program.

Current simulation modules include:

  • pediatric cardiac arrest
  • pediatric bradycardia
  • pediatric SVT
  • pediatric PEA
  • status epilepticus
  • altered mental status
  • impeding brain herniation
  • respiratory distress
  • respiratory arrest and
  • pediatric toxicity

While Goryeb offers SIM training to their residents, nurses and attendings, there was not a formalized program or lab in place.  With R Baby’s support, this program will now allow them to “hard-wire” the program and expand it to include a range of other high-acuity conditions that threaten children’s lives. Further, a dedicated one-room simulation suite has been constructed at Goryeb to house patient simulators, support an RN coordinator and the development of a robust curriculum.