About EMNet

Pictured: Dr. Carlos Camargo, Ashley Sullivan and Krislyn Boggs

The Emergency Medicine Network (or EMNet) is an international research collaboration based at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston which includes 245 hospitals. The EMNet mission is to advance public health through diverse projects in emergency care. Major projects focus on respiratory/allergy emergencies, such as asthma exacerbations and anaphylaxis, and health policy research in emergency care.

Dr. Carlos CamargoDr. Carlos Camargo is a Professor of Emergency Medicine, Medicine and Epidemiology at Harvard University, and the Conn Chair in Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Camargo received his BA from Stanford, MD from UC San Francisco, and MPH from UC Berkeley. In 1990, he moved to Boston for residency at Mass General Hospital then fellowship training at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, including completion of a DrPH (Doctor of Public Health) at Harvard School of Public Health.

In 1996, Dr. Camargo founded the Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet). Dr. Camargo also has worked for two decades on the role of nutrition in respiratory/allergy disorders, both in large cohort studies (such as the Nurses’ Health Studies) and in randomized controlled trials.

Dr. Camargo is past president of the American College of Epidemiology, and has worked on several U.S. guidelines, including those on diet, asthma, and food allergy.

He has over 850 publications, with an H-index of 108.

Ashley Sullivan, MS, MPH is a Senior Administrative Manager in Research at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has directed a 60-center, AHRQ-funded study of patient safety in emergency departments, and NIH-funded projects on bronchiolitis and suicide prevention. She works on a variety of EMNet projects, from large multicenter studies to brief patient surveys. Ms. Sullivan received her BA from Bowdoin College, and her MS and MPH from Tufts University. She has over 100 publications.

Krislyn Boggs, MPH is a Project Coordinator at the Emergency Medicine Network. She directs the national emergency department inventory studies, focusing on health policy research. Additionally, she has worked on other multicenter and large cohort studies. Ms. Boggs manages all of the underlying data in the EMNet findERnow app, from collection to real-time updates.  She received her BS from Quinnipiac University and her MPH from Boston University.