Rebecca Ava Rabinowitz Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

Rapid viral detection technology that R Baby donated to the Rebecca Ave Rabinowitz Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory at The University of Maryland Children’s Hospital now identifies up to 100 infections in a single sample and runs more than 3,000 tests annually. This has reduced a two-week diagnosis to less than twelve hours in most cases, resulting in life-saving intervention during the first critical hours.

This process has become a model for viral detection in infants. In 2015, the Rapid Detection Technology Study for Acute Respiratory Illness in Pediatric Intensive Care will continue to analyze multiple viruses, adding additional viruses to the screening process, in pediatric patients. This study will ultimately lead to important, comprehensive recommendations on the prevention and treatment of various viruses in children.

The Weizmann Institute of Science

R Baby is working with The Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, on pioneering viral infection research that will change the way viruses are studied, identified and eventually treated. Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Type I Interferon in Newborns will focus on the utilization of transgenic mice that will enable the study of interferons — both naturally occurring and engineered — as a potential cure for viruses at an early stage of life.