R Baby’s Top 10 Accomplishments

R Baby Foundation is the first and only non-profit to save babies’ and children’s lives through improving pediatric emergency care.

R Baby's Sweet 16


  • Improved over 1,000,000 children’s healthcare a year.
  • Doctors have attributed our training to saving their patients lives.


  • Raised over $12,000,000 in 13 years with 90% of every dollar going to improving pediatric emergency care.


  • Trained and educated more than 6000+ doctors with 1000+ hospitals participating in our programs spanning six continents.
  • Results include physicians are three times more successful on specific procedures after our training.


  • Seeded funds and ongoing contributor to programs such as INSPIRE, the world’s largest pediatric simulation based research network. After our initial grant investments, selected programs, including INSPIRE, on average double growth and have received almost $7,000,000 in additional support from other organizations.


  • Empowered and educated thousands of parents about multiple emergency topics through a variety of tools distributed in doctor’s offices, in stores, online, and through many partners.


  • Partner with the top Children’s Hospitals, like-minded organizations and other charities to ensure that babies and children have a voice and get the care they need and deserve.


  • Published 55+ papers in peer reviewed medical journals with presentations at 100+ medical conferences around the world. Hosted dozens of events from big galas to kids fundraisers to raise funds and improve outreach of our mission.


  • Launched multiple marketing campaigns to raise awareness about the cause since most parents don’t know that many ERs are not prepared for children and that babies aren’t mini-adults and need specialized care.
  • Lobbied for a definition of a Pediatric ER creating buzz and results around the topic.


  • Led many new programs to improve pediatric emergency care, including:
    • Developing a Sim-Mobile to travel to ERs assessing and optimizing their training, equipment, supplies and best practices.
    • Hosting annual Pediatric Infectious Disease Symposium with latest research and top experts to worldwide broadcast.
    • Creating top 10 best practices to train hospitals nationwide on better communication with caregivers.
    • Detecting viruses 28 times faster than prior testing options.
    • Creating a paradigm shift to use checklists and assessment methods to determine when a doctor is competent to safely perform a procedure on a pediatric patient.
    • Disseminating on-line fever and respiratory guidelines with statistically proven improvements.


  • Collaborated and funded the breakthrough FINDERNOW APP to aid parents in finding the closest ER for their child.