R Baby Heroes

Every year and every day, incredible people step forward to bring R Baby’s mission to life. From medical professionals who go the extra mile to our generous donors and tireless organizers — we salute all the heroes who help us save babies’ lives.

2018 R Baby Hero: Sydney Rosenbaum

Volunteer, Fundraiser & Activist

At only 16 years old, Sydney Rosenbaum makes helping children a cornerstone of her life.

Meet Sydney
Sydney Rosenbaum

This is our first time giving the Hero Award to a teenager! Without a doubt, Sydney Rosenbaum has been an unbelievable supporter and volunteer — for years — with R Baby Foundation.

— Phyllis Rabinowitz

2017 R Baby Medical Hero: Carlos Camargo

Professor of Emergency Medicine, Medicine, and Epidemiology, Harvard University, and Conn Chair in Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital 

We are pleased to announce R Baby’s 2017 Medical hero, Dr. Carlos Camargo of Massachusetts General Hospital, Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet), and Harvard (Boston, MA).

Meet Carlos
Carlos Camargo

“Since 1996, the Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet) mission has been to advance public health objectives through diverse projects in emergency care, particularly multicenter clinical research. In 2010, we launched an emergency room (ER) smartphone app that helps the public to quickly and accurately identify nearby ERs. We wanted to enhance the app capabilities (e.g. with information about local capabilities) but lacked the funds to do so. In 2015, we were excited to discover that EMNet and R Baby share many of the same goals, and partnered on the development of the enhanced app, findERnow. Phyllis understood the potential of this innovative way to improve pediatric emergency care. Phyllis, Andrew and Katie are  passionate about their work, and have brought great enthusiasm and creativity to our collaboration. Together with all of their other projects, it’s clear that they are making a difference! It’s an honor to be a part of R Baby’s team.”

— Dr. Carlos Camargo

More Heroes

2016 R Baby Hero

Kim Aldarelli

Kim Aldarelli

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2016 R Baby Medical Hero

Dr. Joel Berezow

Joel Berezow

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