R Baby Heroes

Every year and every day, incredible people step forward to bring R Baby’s mission to life. From medical professionals who go the extra mile to our generous donors and tireless organizers — we salute all the heroes who help us save babies’ lives.

2021 R Baby Hero: Dr. Jason Hill

We are pleased to announce R Baby’s 2021 Hero, Dr. Jason Hill of New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center.

Meet Jason
Dr. Jason Hill

“The support from R Baby could not have come at a more critical time. One of the greatest concerns from the frontlines of this pandemic has always been how we keep ourselves and our patients safe, especially during times when our PPE stockpiles ran dangerously low. R Baby provided us with the tools we needed to create our own protective equipment in innovative and novel ways. This kept countless frontline workers and the patients we cared for safe and protected so we could keep fighting this disease. For that, we are all eternally grateful.”

— Dr. Jason Hill

2019 R Baby Hero: Jamie Rutenberg

Jamie is an inspiration for all of us to give the most we can to our loved ones, especially in times of tragedy.

Meet Jamie
2019 R Baby Hero Jamie Rutenberg

More Heroes

2018 R Baby Foundation Hero Award

Sydney Rosenbaum

Sydney Rosenbaum

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2016 R Baby Hero

Kim Aldarelli

Kim Aldarelli

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2016 R Baby Medical Hero

Dr. Joel Berezow

Joel Berezow

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