R Baby Heroes

Every year and every day, incredible people step forward to bring R Baby’s mission to life. From medical professionals who go the extra mile to our generous donors and tireless organizers — we salute all the heroes who help us save babies’ lives.

2023 R Baby Hero: Dr. Richard Flyer

Community-based General Pediatrician and Child Advocate

Dr. Flyer led a coalition of medical professionals, child advocates and parent groups that resulted in the passage of the nation’s first Emergency Medical Services for Children Law, in New Jersey.

Meet Richard
Dr. Richard Flyer

“Dr. Flyer’s passion is an inspiration to R Baby, and we are grateful for his tireless work to make sure all children receive the best possible care in an emergency. He has spent countless hours collaborating with R Baby in pursuit of the adaptations to our emergency medical services systems that are needed to save the lives of our sickest kids.”

— Phyllis Rabinowitz

2022 R Baby Hero: Alexis Pomierski Marano & Justin Marano

Family brings life-saving training to their local ER. You can too! What parents can do to improve pediatric readiness in their local community ER.

Meet Alexis & Justin
Alexis & Justin Marano

“We are so blessed to welcome Jaxson into our family and want to contribute to our new community in a positive way. We can think of no better way than sponsoring a hospital in the Boca area to protect our infants.”

More Heroes

2021 R Baby Foundation Hero Award

Dr. Jason Hill

Jason Hill

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2019 R Baby Hero Jamie Rutenberg

Jamie Rutenberg

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2018 R Baby Foundation Hero Award

Sydney Rosenbaum

Sydney Rosenbaum

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2016 R Baby Hero

Kim Aldarelli

Kim Aldarelli

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2016 R Baby Medical Hero

Dr. Joel Berezow

Joel Berezow

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