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R Baby Workshop Presented at Forestdale Graduation Ceremony

Forestdale Graduation Ceremony , Queens, New York

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, R Baby Foundation, Baby Buggy Foundation and doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital held our 3rd parent education workshop, “How to Navigate an Emergency Room Visit with your Child,” at Forestdale, Inc. in Queens, New York. The workshop was integrated into Forestdale’s powerful and inspirational graduation ceremony for more than 75 fathers in their Fathering Initiative-Stepping-UP Program.

Speakers introduced the event by talking about the importance of fathers in the lives of children and celebrating the commitment of these fathers as important stewards in the lives of their children. Often, fathers face additional challenges in advocating for their children because of their concern over appearing too aggressive. Dr. Audrey Paul and her staff shared scenarios that provided fathers with tangible ways to provide advocacy for their children that promotes partnership with medical professionals. The fathers at the Forestdale event were engaging, passionate and inspiring.

R Baby continues to expand this important education and empowerment workshop to new communities and populations and will be presenting additional workshops to include in-home childcare providers in low-income areas. If you would like to suggest a workshop location, would like additional information or would like to support a workshop, please email KATIE@RBABYFOUNDATION.ORG