R Baby Real Stories

R Baby Foundation was born from one family’s determination that no other parent should ever have to lose a baby due to misdiagnosis or inadequate pediatric emergency care. This page is dedicated to Rebecca and all the babies pictured here, whose families have shared their experiences of tragic loss or successful recovery. Their stories underscore the urgent need to support pediatric emergency education, training and research. We invite you to share your story too.

Max's Story

Max’s Story by Eldar Karen Parents are a child’s most important advocate Before my wedding day, ... READ STORY
Kyra Franchetti

Kyra's Story

Kyra Franchetti was a vibrant, happy and energetic two-year-old. She loved soccer, gymnastics and bu... READ STORY

David's Story

Our son David was a healthy full term twin boy. In April 2010, at 23 days of age, we noticed his scr... READ STORY

Jasmine's Story

Jasmine Yvette Ruiz was born on July 3, 1994, as happy and healthy as you could ever dream. She was... READ STORY

Liv's Story

On Thanksgiving Weekend 2009 my 7 week old daughter Liv started to show signs of a cold. She had som... READ STORY
Marissa S

Marisa S's Story

Marisa was born on a sunny day on June 9th, 2008 with no complications and in perfect health. She wa... READ STORY
Penny S.

Penny S's Story

Our daughter Penny was born in March 2011. Being our first baby we were beyond excited and expected ... READ STORY

Henry B's Story

Laura and Gary were expecting their second child, a boy. Big brother Oliver was getting used to the ... READ STORY

Maddie's Story

My daughter Maddie was hospitalized at the age of four due to H1N1 that developed into pneumonia. Wh... READ STORY
Michael Aldarelli

Michael A's Story

August 21, 2005 is the day that would change my life forever. It is the day that changed the dynamic... READ STORY

Rebecca's Story

Tragic misdiagnoses in the emergency room led her family to establish R Baby Foundation.... READ STORY

Hailey's Story

When this newborn baby girl contracted whooping cough, a skilled emergency room team knew what to do... READ STORY

Hunter's Story

This “million dollar baby” survived a mysterious fever and countless tests and treatments. I had... READ STORY

Daniel's Story

His life was saved because a mother trusted her intuition and the ER team knew what to do. Our son D... READ STORY

Rhiannon's Story

Losing their “miracle baby” to a virus led this family to get involved with R Baby Foundation. R... READ STORY

Garrett's Story

A doctor’s negligence led to a heartbreaking loss — and a lawsuit to stop him from putting o... READ STORY